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[fic] Missing (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)

Title: Missing
Universe: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Masamune x Ritsu
Fic Type: Ficlet
Rating: PG
Word Count: 425
Alt. Link: FF.Net
Summary: Masamune knows what he’s missing, or at least he thinks he does.



Masamune straightened up in his seat abnormally fast.

A young man had walked past in a hurry. The right height and age. Soft-looking brown hair, lithe shoulders, and a book held to his chest by folded arms. He’d been visible just beyond the top of Masamune's book, and Masamune barely chanced a look in time.

The quiet library was a sharp contrast to the mess of thoughts now stirring in his head. Had that been... or were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Masamune wondered if this would happen to him, toyed with the idea of it. If fate would step in to aid him in finding the infamous "Ritsu" that had briefly illuminated his dark high school days. But he couldn't be that lucky; it just didn't make any sense.

He stood, too distracted to bother with his bag or his books or even push in his chair, and bee-lined towards the aisle the young man had disappeared into. He felt like the twenty years he'd been alive had doubled suddenly, slowed down time, made him take each step with careful precision. Holding his breath, he peered around the corner--

It wasn't him.

Of course, it wasn't.

The Ritsu of Masamune's mind had more presence than the oblivious guy in the aisle. Even before they'd first spoken to each other, Ritsu had been in Masamune’s peripherals. Two, three aisles away peeking at him between books. His petite and terribly-hidden stalker.

The guy in the aisle, upon a second look, had darker hair and wider shoulders than Ritsu. He was probably also taller than the current Ritsu (age sixteen? Seventeen? Masamune couldn't be sure). Glasses clung to the bridge of the man's nose, another huge clue that Masamune was all wrong. He definitely would have remembered if Ritsu wore glasses. At least, he'd like to think so.

The stranger in the aisle also lacked Ritsu's innocent countenance. His constantly pink cheeks. His stuttering tenor.

Masamune moved away as a wave of depression washed over him, stronger than he'd felt in a long while. He scolded himself for getting excited so easily. It wouldn't have made sense for Ritsu to be here anyway, and he knew that. He sat back in his chair and rested his head on his arms.

Maybe he could sleep off what had just happened, forget it all. His eyes focused on the window before him. It was sweating like a glass of vodka on the rocks.

The weather outside was dreary and dark like the days after that fateful winter.




A/N: First Nostalgia fic~ Written for the fanfic challenge issued on the SiH comm forever ago. Inspired by "Missing" by Kylee.

Comments and concrit are very much appreciated ♥
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