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[sharing] Pictures of PASH! Animation File 06 - Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai-hen

A week or so ago, I bought the new Oofuri PASH! Animation File that came out on September 2nd. I haven't seen much about it online, so I figured I'd take some pictures (of the cover and posters, mostly) and share them with my fellow Oofuri fans. If you haven't watched the second season, I should warn you that one of the posters is potentially spoilery! Click on the pictures to enlarge~


The slip cover.

The first poster.

The back of the first poster.

The second poster. Sadly, there are only two in this animation file where the first has three.

The back of the second poster. This is the potentially spoilery poster I mentioned above. I didn't realize it until my RL friend who hasn't watched the second season was like ' there any reason that Tajima's wearing the catcher gear?'. My friend and I, who have watched it, went speechless, lol. While I realize now that that image doesn't have do with what happens in the Bijou game anyway (I mean, look at Abe), it's too late to go back now X'D

A spread of the overall second season. The images on the left side... :'X

The merch page!

A close-up, colored image of the upcoming Oofuri keychains! Pffffft @ Mihashi and Abe being SO HAPPY. If anybody knows how I can get my hands on any/all of these keychains, please let me know and I will love you forever. There isn't much I won't do for them, really. :'D

This is the breakdown of this PASH! animation file after the posters and the spread of the overall second season (in order of appearance) - character profiles (the Nishiura boys then more side characters like Momokan, Hamada, the moms, etc), a spread with images from the opening, 'Story Digest' of episodes 1-6 (one page each episode), three-page 'Score Book' for the game versus Sakitama, 3-page interview with Hanai's and Tajima's seiyuu, 4-page interview with Mihashi's and Abe's seiyuu, short interviews with the rest of the seiyuu of the Nishiura boys + Momokan's, Shinooka's, and Hamada's, a page with images from and a little info about Oofuri Day, character profiles of Sakitama (one page) and Bijou (one page), a page with image-by-image screenshots of pitching (Ichihara), batting (Wada), and catching (Kurata), one-page Q&A of spectators(?) of the games in Oofuri, 'Story Digest' of episodes 7-13 (one page each episode), a spread with images from the ending, 'Score Book' for the game versus Bijou, a bunch of pages for backgrounds (colored + sketched images), the merch page, a couple more interviews of various staff members, then one more page of... well, I honestly have no idea what the hell it's about, lol. Maybe I should have taken a picture of that and the content page instead of typing this all out? XD;;

I'm sorry these pictures are kinda blurry. I think my camera's getting old. Also, I apologize that they're not scans. My crappy scanner has been acting very wonky lately. Also, I'm hoping to encourage more people to buy this PASH! animation file and support Oofuri merch/the industry :D I can't be the only one dying for loads more Oofuri merch! 1/8 figures, please!

PASH! Animation File 06 - Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai-hen cost me a low $22 + tax (I got the first one for only $25 + tax as well) at the Kinokuniya in Los Angeles, California. I knew I was making a trip to LA so I ordered it via phone beforehand, but they also had one on their shelves. Akadot will probably be selling this PASH! animation file soon, too. Please keep an eye out for it!

I didn't take very many pictures and they aren't even scans, b-but I'll gladly answer any questions anybody may have about this PASH! animation file~ :'D

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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