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[fic] Smoke without Fire (Ookiku Furikabutte)

Title: Smoke without Fire
Universe: Ookiku Furikabutte
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Abe-->Mihashi
Fic Type: Ficlet
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 550
Alt. Link: FF.Net
Summary: Being irresponsible makes Abe hate himself a little less.


Smoke without Fire

"T-Tajima-kun already agreed to share his umbrella with me, so…" Mihashi said, fiddling with the end of his scarf. Abe regretted his offer as soon as he made it. He slowly pulled his arm back, letting it flop to his side. "But th-thanks!"

"O-Oh. Okay. Good." Abe looked away, putting his umbrella under his arm and adjusting his own scarf with gloved hands. He gritted his teeth in frustration. If he'd known his chest was going to hurt like this, he wouldn't have asked in the first place.

Silence fell between the two boys as they stood beside each other under the awning, watching the heavy rain pour without end. The metal above their heads echoed loudly in response though neither took notice. Mihashi glanced at Abe through the corner of his eye, but then Tajima rounded the lockers and trotted up behind them.

"Alright, let's go!" he said, throwing an arm around Mihashi's neck. "Abe, you walking home with us?"

Abe met the freckled boy's gaze but gave the question only a moment's thought.

"Maybe next time."

"Ehhh? Suit yourself then!" Tajima started to drag Mihashi off with him as he opened his umbrella and held it over the two of them.

"See you t-tomorrow, Abe-kun…" Mihashi said over his shoulder.

"Don't catch cold," Abe warned. He watched his teammates' backs as they retreated farther and farther into the distance. Soon, he could no longer see them through the fog.

Abe sighed. He didn't feel like going home anymore. Warmth was there, but the cold here felt warm to him too. And he would be alone either way.

He wished he had never realized it, the fact that he wanted to be more than friends with Mihashi. He couldn't believe how strong his feelings for the other boy had grown. Even the littlest things hurt, like just now. Worst of all, it was pointless. A silly, unreachable notion. If he struggled to speak to Mihashi normally, how could he hope to be anything more than teammates? Much less boyfriends or whatever.

Abe sat leaning against the wall in a spot sheltered from the rain, looking up at the gloomy clouds. He was a stickler about Mihashi's health, but damn if he didn't feel like a hypocrite at times. He wanted to step out under this bad weather and soak for a little, let the cold make his bones tremble. And despite only having smoked a couple innocently experimental times, Abe's fingers itched for a cigarette. Just a puff, maybe two. On a day like this when the sky was sympathetically dark? Even better.

But he couldn't be doing stupid things like that. He had responsibilities.

Then again, hadn't responsibilities gotten him into this mess in the first place? His responsibility as a catcher, his responsibility to his pitcher. They were taxing. Not that he really hated either of those things. But he did also have people who expected more from him, Momokan and his teammates, for one, and his family, for another. Shun looked up to him and –

…that was another: his responsibility as an older brother.

Huh, well.

Looking over his empty surroundings once, Abe sucked on an invisible cigarette settled between his fingers and blew out clear smoke.

With just that, he felt better already.




A/N: Alternative title: The Beginning of Abe the Smoker I didn't know there were songs named after the title until after I already decided on it, ahhh... well, actually, 'September' by Daughtry, while not fitting to a complete T, inspired me to write this fic. It seems writing stubborn, pissy people comes to me more naturally and I'm wondering what that says about me X'D

Th-this wasn't much, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless ^^ Please look forward to my future Oofuri fics~

Comments and concrit are very much appreciated ♥
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