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[fic] His Hiro-san & Bitter Dream (Junjou Romantica x 2)

Title: His Hiro-san
Universe: Junjou Romantica
Character(s)/Pairing(s): NowaHiro
Fic Type: One Shot
Rating: PG-15?
Word Count: 692
Alt. Link: FF.Net
Warnings: Fluff, I love me my Egoist~
A/N: This fic has been waiting to be posted for months now; I just never got around to finishing it X3
Summary: If Nowaki were to attempt to write an essay about what he loves about his Hiro-san, he wouldn’t even know where to begin…
His Hiro-san

If Nowaki were to attempt to write an essay about what he loves about his Hiro-san, Nowaki wouldn’t even know where to begin.

He loves how his hard-working Hiro-san’s eyebrows pull together when he concentrates on reading or writing something, and his chocolate eyes, so determined not to pull away from the page as he studies it from top to bottom.

He loves how, on the very rare occasion, his adorable Hiro-san holds his hand ever so tightly, as if refusing to let go no matter what, and the faint carnation blush decorating his cheeks as they walk home together, fingers entwined.

He loves how his see-through Hiro-san’s constant frown lines twitch every time he catches sight of him, as if to fight the smile aching to split across his face and hope that Nowaki doesn’t notice just how happy he truly makes him and how empty his life he would be without Nowaki.

He loves how his temperamental Hiro-san will scream and yell and shout and throw things until he turns blue, just to hide how worried he is; or how he speaks loudly and denies Nowaki eye contact to hide his own embarrassment.

He loves how his easily embarrassed Hiro-san will blush a bright red reminiscent of fresh strawberries in the summer, ripe for the picking and perfect for nibbling on, every single time he compliments Nowaki, earning his flustered Hiro-san a genteel smile and a compliment himself, to which his surprised Hiro-san’s light brown eyebrows raise high on his forehead and launch him into a quiet, humble mumble of modesty, his cheeks maintaining their refreshing strawberry color, sometimes even deepening.

He loves how his caring Hiro-san will catch on every time he is silently feeling down and how his patient Hiro-san will wait for him to say something, and finally, when Nowaki says nothing for too long, always tries his best to comfort him in the most discreet way he can, even if it means embarrassing himself.

He loves how when he feels insecure and impulsively attacks his wary Hiro-san, angering the fiery assistant professor, Nowaki knows his loyal Hiro-san will never leave his side for something as ‘trivial’ as that, no matter how immature his negative thoughts may have twisted him.

He loves how his straightforward Hiro-san beats around the bush as little as possible in most discussions– he much prefers getting right to the point.

He loves how tears streak his cute Hiro-san’s cheeks, slowly sliding down the silky smooth, peach-like skin, until they are sloppily wiped away by a shirt sleeve, yet nowhere as often as the tip of Nowaki’s thumb does.

He loves how his helpful Hiro-san will carefully explain to him what he fails to understand.

He loves how he will sometimes catch a most indifferent expression on his mature Hiro-san’s face, which has to mean the assistant professor is deep in thought and is not to be disturbed.

He loves how his prideful Hiro-san holds his head high and never allows himself to lose to anyone.

He loves how his beautiful (and drippingly tempting) Hiro-san steps out of the bathroom half-naked, moist from the shower, as the bangs plastered to his forehead are pushed back and a towel is wrapped around his sinewy, sensuous hips, and only wishes he had been in there with him.

He loves how the curve of his sexy Hiro-san’s body seems to melt perfectly into his, from his lips to his hips and everything in between, and the erotic noises he can bring forth from the depths of his lusty Hiro-san’s chest when he holds him.

He loves how his arousing Hiro-san’s eyes haze and his body seems to lose control of itself, overcome with desire, and silently yearning for more as they are tightly pressed against one another, every second growing more desperate and demanding than the last with excessively erratic heartbeats, passionate kisses, and roaming hands.

Before Nowaki gives himself a nosebleed (or something a little friskier), he decides that if he really were to write essay on the topic of his love for his Hiro-san…

…well, let’s just say it would go on and on.

Title: Bitter Dream
Universe: Junjou Romantica
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Possessive!Miyagi/Shinobu, tiny bit of Hiroki
Fic Type: One Shot
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 764
Alt. Link: FF.Net
Warnings: Implied(?) sex :P
A/N: Brainstormed and wrote this all in one night. I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me. I didn't think I'd be very comfortable writing Terrorist, yet somehow I wrote this! I'm stuck wondering how IC they are...
Summary: Miyagi isn’t pleased to start his day with a bitter dream, but somehow he finds himself finishing the day with bitter laughter.
Bitter Dream

“Takatsuki-kun…I’ve always really, really liked you…” The girl with long, wavy black hair and rather large breasts inched closer and closer to Shinobu, who remained frozen in his spot pressed against the wall. The school hallways were empty; there would be no witnesses…

“Takatsuki-kun…” she whispered again and her chest seemed about to burst out of her uniform’s thin white shirt as her cheeks filled with pink. She leaned in…


Miyagi woke with a start. His jaw clenched, his brow furrowed. What the hell kind of dream was that?

Needless to say, Miyagi went to work rather miffed. Stupid subconscious going crazy in my sleep.

Miyagi was the first to the office. It always seemed too quiet without Kamijou, but he was glad to have time to himself while he brooded over his upsetting dream.

He didn’t look up once, until Shinobu appeared in the doorway.

“Miyagi,” he said in his usual tone, with his usual glare.

“Shinobu.” Miyagi stared at him, unable to stop a slight frown from invading his expression.

Shinobu raised an eyebrow. Miyagi was acting weird (not that that was anything too new).

“…What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, Shinobu-chin. What are you doing here so early in the morning? Don’t you have class soon?” Miyagi turned away from him, continuing with what he had been working on.

Shinobu narrowed his eyes. “You’re lying. Why won’t you tell me?”

Miyagi didn’t answer.

Shinobu walked over to his desk. He waited for a little, keeping his eyes on the professor as he attempted to concentrate and maintain an unfriendly, indifferent face at the same time.

“Miyagi!” Shinobu hissed when it was getting close to the time he would have to be on his way to school.

Suddenly, he was being pulled and pushed by a pair of rough arms. His back was flat against the wall as Miyagi’s lips found his, the older man’s tongue swiveling its way into his mouth.

“M-Miyagi, wait…!!! What are you-? Uh-…Uhn…”

The younger boy found himself unable to hold back his moans as Miyagi attacked him. Shinobu’s cheeks filled with red instantly, his body becoming weak as Miyagi’s fingers traveled lower and lower…


By the time Miyagi finished with his assault, Shinobu was breathless. He leaned heavily on the older man.

“M-Miyagi…” he whispered, panting as he struggled to stay standing.

Miyagi was mentally smacking himself for losing control like that. Again.

He stepped back, quickly moving forward again to support Shinobu, who had begun to fall.

“Um. Sorry, Shinobu-chin,” Miyagi said, finding himself unable to look at the younger boy in the face.

He helped Shinobu pull his pants back on and adjust his clothes….hoping that it wouldn’t look like the student had just gone through a super random sex-romp with a man 17 years older than him (and ex-brother-in-law). Nope, no siree. Nothing of that sort had just occurred. In a college university’s office, only doors down from the Dean (and Shinobu’s father).

Miyagi wanted to bash his head into the wall. Although, that would simply draw unwanted attention, and so somehow he found himself able to refrain from doing so.

Shinobu was still a bit flustered, his cheeks covered in spots of pink. “…So why?”


“Why did you just assault me like that?”

A pause. “…You sure are resilient, huh?”

Shinobu shot him a glare. Miyagi heaved a sigh.

“Okay, okay. I had a strange dream.”

“About what?”

“This rather attractive girl trying to take advantage of you,” he said in a rush. “Happy now?”

“Oh. Why?”

“What do you mean ‘why’? It’s not like I chose to dream about something like that.”

“So you’re…jealous?”

Miyagi smiled a little in spite of himself. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Shinobu felt a tingle of happiness from what he said, his expression becoming lighter. “Oh.”

There was an embarrassing silence, in which both were unsure of what to say.

“W-Well, anyway, Shinobu-chin, you need to get to school. I’ll take you.”

Miyagi grabbed his car keys and headed out the door with a pleased Shinobu trailing behind him.


Later on when Miyagi returned to the office, he couldn’t hold back the bitter laughter that came over him as he laid his eyes on the spot beside his desk where he had frisked Shinobu. He earned himself a strange look from Kamijou, who sat bewildered at his desk and refused to ask for details.

Hiroki pretended he didn’t notice anything, but couldn’t ignore evidence of a slight struggle that seemed to have gone on before he arrived, or the familiar smell permeating the room…




Here's the other two fics as promised! I hope you'll enjoy them as well ^_^
Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated♥
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