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[fic] The Worth of a Name /// Repeated Offender (Sengoku Basara)

Title: The Worth of a Name
Universe: Sengoku Basara
Character(s)/Pairing(s): None (Kojuurou/Masamune if you squint?)
Fic Type: Drabble
Rating: PG
Word Count: 208
Warning: Takes place a few years before the series.
Summary: "You know better than anyone that I no longer go by that name, Kojuurou."


The Worth of a Name


It had been a whisper, a murmur like the wind on fallen leaves. But it was enough to reach the young Head of Oushuu's ears.

Masamune hesitated the tiniest bit, a curt pause as he swung emphatically at the air with one of his many swords. Stray hairs clung to his glistening forehead, his hakama brushing against his skin. The hint of a smirk twitched about his lips.

"You know better than anyone that I no longer go by that name, Kojuurou."

"Forgive me, Masamune-sama," Kojuurou said with closed eyes. He sat silently behind his master, still as a statue.

"What made you think of it?"

"I could not say." Kojuurou was quiet for a moment. His eyes fell to the Date leader. "You have grown much since then, Masamune-sama."

Masamune said nothing in reply. He continued to slash at the open air between soft grunts.

"Masamune-sama, you know that it is always important to remember who you are," Kojuurou said. "But it is also important to remember who you were."

Masamune stopped. Turning to face Kojuurou, he gave a genuine smirk.

"Of course, Kojuurou. Because that is what made me who I am."

As Kojuurou serenely smiled in reply, he felt the strangest urge to chuckle.




Title: Repeated Offender
Universe: Sengoku Basara
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Oda/Ranmaru
Fic Type: Drabble
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 328
Warning: Unf, little boys -- Oda-style AKA watch out for shota and Oda talking dirty. ...yep.
Summary: "Why don't you just take me for yourself, Maru-kun?"


Repeated Offender

Ranmaru writhed in Oda's lap, crying out in agony and pleasure. He felt like he was being split up the middle as Oda impaled him on his engorged cock, though Ranmaru's own swollen cock still glistened with excitement.

"You're like a virgin, so tight," Oda growled harshly. "But not when I'm done with you."

Ranmaru clenched his jaw, eyes watering, when Oda roughly grabbed his hips and plunged himself deeper into the boy.

Oda bit at a spot on Ranmaru's neck, sucking the skin raw, before suddenly ceasing his thrusts. Shockwaves of pleasure were still hitting the boy when the man stopped, and he was left panting feverishly. All his nerve-endings seemed to tremble endlessly.

"Your ass is eating me right up," Oda hissed in Ranmaru's ear. "Why don't you just take me for yourself, Maru-kun?"

"Yes, my Lord," Ranmaru complied as Oda leaned back with a sadistic smirk. The boy placed a hand on Oda's stomach for support, whimpering when a sensitive spot deep inside him was touched. Slowly, he began to move. He arched his back, taking as much of Oda in as he could, burying Oda within him before picking up his thighs and slamming back down.


It had been too much. Ranmaru came, and Oda grunted as Ranmaru's muscles clenched around his cock. When the boy appeared spent, Oda spoke.

"You're not done yet, Maru-kun. You still have to make me cum."

Oda was still hard inside Ranmaru. The boy looked up at his lord with moist eyes and pleasure-flushed cheeks and nodded. He began to move his hips again, though with measured thrusts. He reached between them and stroked himself with swift, frantic movements.

He was almost there; they both were, and then Ranmaru was, and everything seemed to be stopping and starting at the same time, slowing down and speeding up and then—

Sitting up in his futon, Ranmaru blinked dazedly. He peeked into his underwear and frowned.

"Not again…"




A/N: I-I hope to write more Senbasa

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated ♥
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