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[fic] In Too Deep (Junjou Romantica)

Title: In Too Deep
Universe: Junjou Romantica
Character(s)/Pairing(s): HS!Minimum
Fic Type: Ficlet
Rating: PG
Word Count: 544
Summary: Swallowed up by his lessons, Hiroki doesn’t realize that his body is changing. Akihiko has a laugh at his expense.


In Too Deep

"She really said that?" Akihiko commented indifferently.

"Yeah, and you wouldn’t believe the lazy way she teaches-" Hiroki cut himself off, clearing his throat.

It was the third time his voice had broken mid-sentence that week. Was the weather, as it steadily dropped in temperature, getting to him? He couldn’t get sick. A crucial time in his lessons was approaching – he only had one more week to practice for his upcoming piano recital, swim meet, and kendo tournament.

Honestly, he felt lucky to still be able to find the time to walk home with Akihiko, or rather, walk Akihiko home because he would be at his own home for mere minutes before he was out the door again.

Suddenly, Akihiko froze and Hiroki stopped in step with him, looking up at him curiously.

"I just figured it out…"

"What? Figured out what?" Hiroki gave him a puzzled look.

Akihiko smiled knowingly. "If you think you’re getting sick, that’s not it."

"H-how did you-? Oh, never mind." Hiroki figured Akihiko knew him too well.

"Listen to my voice." Akihiko chuckled a deep chuckle. "Now, consider your own."

"Huh?" Hiroki blinked then he gasped a little when realization struck him. "O-oh. That would, um, make sense."

"I'm not sure how you didn't notice sooner, actually."

"Well, excuse me for being so busy!"

Not that he would ever admit it, Hiroki begrudgingly agreed. The thought had crossed his mind somewhere amidst all the other knowledge constantly flowing into his head from school and his extra lessons. But still – how the hell could he have paid so little attention to his own body?

Akihiko laughed again. "How cute. My little Hiroki’s just about all grown up."

"S-shut up! Who’s cute? Whose ‘little Hiroki’?!" Hiroki snarled in a muffled voice as he shyly rubbed an arm over his mouth in embarrassment. He ignored the part of him that fluttered happily at the suggestion of Akihiko’s words. "Don’t laugh at me!"

"Ah, sorry, Hiroki," Akihiko managed between bouts of giggling. "Wanna do something to celebrate?"

"What the hell? Who the hell celebrates that kind of thing?!" Hiroki spat out, though his voice broke again on the last word. He clapped a hand over his mouth, sending Akihiko into more fits of laughter. "I said shut up! P-people are staring at us!"

Akihiko was bent over, clutching at his stomach. "I-I can’t stop now…"

Hiroki’s cheeks flushed deeper with every second it took for Akihiko to regain his composure, standing awkwardly beside the sniggering teen. Hiroki wished himself invisible when he noticed passersby pretending not to stare and failing miserably. Should he just ditch Akihiko?

'I-I’m going home!" He made to leave but Akihiko grabbed his hand.

"I don’t know what came over me. I’m done now, really," he said, though his lips remained in a wide, amused smile. He stood up straight and leaned in towards Hiroki’s ear. Softly, he whispered, "Congratulations."

Hiroki jumped back and twitched his hand out of Akihiko’s grip, cheeks burning. He turned away and continued walking, err, stomping.


Akihiko chuckled again and skipped back to Hiroki’s side. "You know, I’d say that you’re going to be a workaholic when you’re older, but I think you already are."

"Didn’t I tell you to shut up?!"




A/N: Ahh, I haven't posted in a while. Since it's V-Day, I really wanted to post something and, though it might not be what you'd expect, here it is~ X3 My Egoist fics just aren't ready orz

Hope you enjoyed! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ♥

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated, as always :)
Tags: fanfic, junjou romantica
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