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[fic] The Fingertips' Flow (Junjou Romantica)

Title: The Fingertips' Flow
Universe: Junjou Romantica
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Egoist
Rating: PG
Word Count: 400
Alt. Link: FF.Net
A/N: This is a continuation of my drabble, Over The Top. This can be read as a separate fic, but it will make a little more sense if you just read both~
Warning: Practically plotless fluff XD;;
Prompt: ‘beautiful morning’ – 2x5obsessions

A strong sense of nostalgia whipped harshly at Hiroki, and he woke from the dream with a start.

He blinked his watery eyes once, twice, before he realized Nowaki was stirring beside him. He looked down and gradually realized he’d grabbed Nowaki’s hand in his sleep. The pulse flowing through the tips of Nowaki’s fingertips was calm, Hiroki silently observed.

Just before Nowaki opened his eyes, Hiroki pulled his hand back.

“Hiro-san?” Nowaki murmured blearily, rubbing the sleep out of his right eye. He turned on his side, his drowsy gaze on Hiroki’s face. “Is there something wrong? You look unsettled.”


Hiroki thought that would be the end of it, but then Nowaki scooted himself closer. He slid an arm around the brunet and half-tucked his chin between Hiroki’s neck and shoulder.

“Are you sure?” he said softly in his ear.

Hiroki squirmed slightly. Nowaki’s breath was warm like the sunlight from the window above their heads, bathing the lower half of their bed. “Y-Yeah.”

Even without a real answer, Nowaki squeezed Hiroki tighter to him. He traced little invisible circles on Hiroki’s forearm with his index finger. “It’s been a while...since we’ve been able to do this, huh? Just lie here together.”

Hiroki nodded, halfheartedly glaring at Nowaki, who seemed intent on disturbing his sleep for the rest of the morning. Nowaki smiled in response. A peal of soothing laughter spilled past his upturned lips when Hiroki sighed, giving in. His attempt at fixing a blank look onto his face was failing anyway.

Nowaki skimmed his thumb over Hiroki’s cheek, brushing away absent specks of dust. He ran a hand over Hiroki’s bare hip and squeezed lightly at the flesh there. Almost timidly, their eyes met.

For a silent moment, the two men felt taken in by each other. Every little shift of their bodies was strangely sensual, and the air seemed harder to breath. The temperature might have risen a few degrees, but neither could be too sure. The world outside was still moving, right? Within the space of their bedroom, everything seemed to be frozen in place.

Finally, Hiroki spoke.


“Yes, Hiro-san?”

“I’d like to take you somewhere tomorrow. Is that okay? When and if you’re free, anyway.”

Nowaki curiously looked once over Hiroki’s serious yet faintly embarrassed expression, and then nodded, lips falling affectionately on Hiroki’s neck without letting another second pass them by.




A/N: Hope you enjoyed! I have a couple more fics just about ready for posting, so please stay tuned ;)

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated♥
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