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[fic] Warmth (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Title: Warmth
Universe: Natsume Yuujinchou
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Tanuma/Natsume
Fic Type: Ficlet
Rating: PG
Word Count: 576
Alt. Link: FF.Net
A/N: Exchange!fic dedicated to thisiscyrene X3
Warning: Fluffffff~
Summary: Together, Natsume and Tanuma learn to accept their abilities and each other.



Natsume was used to being alone. He always had been, after all.

His existence had become warmer in the recent months since Nyanko-sensei and the Book of Friends invaded his life. Little instances with little existences that were somehow larger than words to Natsume occurred one after another.

But still, nothing could compare to the closeness he felt when Tanuma brushed their lips together.

Natsume had always been alone and so when the warmth of the youkai hearts, even Nyanko-sensei’s cold affection, touched his if only in the slightest of ways, he felt it very strongly. And now, when he and Tanuma’s lips touched a second time, Natsume didn’t resist. He didn’t want to resist.

Because he was realizing it. What that nagging feeling poking at him somewhere in the back of his mind was. The feeling of Tanuma in the air, all around him, feeling consumed by this gentle dark-haired boy, who Natsume figured really had much better things to do than spend time with lonely little Natsume. But it was clear to him now. Tanuma had chosen him, and that choice reached past the walls Natsume had built up to protect himself over the years.

Tanuma was kind, but tentative, too. A little on the outside, like Natsume himself, and Natsume thought maybe that was what drew him to him. They were totally the same, yet completely different all at once.

The warmth in his chest when he was near the boy had grown since he’d met him. It was a small flame lightly tended to, kindled every time the two made a new memory together. The more time they spent by each other’s sides, whether exploring with a new youkai or just lying in the grass admiring the shapes of the clouds on a clear day, the brighter the flame burned and the stronger it became.

The warmth had evolved, changed with time, and Natsume’s surroundings did too. They were clearer, broader, gentler than before. Softer around the edges.

And as Tanuma drew nearer, Natsume found he liked it that way. Because this boy had become something closer to his heart than anything else ever had. This sweet, timid, dark-haired boy, who wished he could see more.

Natsume became his eyes; and Tanuma, limited by his lack of abilities, was pleased, a soft smile gracing his lips every time Natsume shared what he saw, slowly opening up to him more and more as he shared more and more. Tanuma could close his eyes and imagine, but without Natsume’s descriptions he was lost in his own terrible curiosity. And without Natsume there to gesture, to explain, to guide him through what he wanted to see, his inability to see spirits pained him even more.

To be the one to take away that pain made Natsume smile to himself, because to have someone so willing to listen and believe was more than he could ask for.

There would always be that possibility, that Tanuma would rid of him once he figured Natsume wasn’t as special as he made him feel. That he would tire of him, become bored. That the flame would exhaust to a flickering ember till there was nothing left. But Natsume chose to believe it wouldn’t happen, placing his faith in the only other who really believed in him.

Another brush of lips and fingertips.

Natsume would forget what it was like to be alone. He would no longer be, after all.




A/N: My first Natsume fic, and hopefully it won't be my last! Natsume is one of my favoritest characters ever after all~ This is a fic for thisiscyrene in exchange for one of these babies♥ So, thank you, thisiscyrene, I'm looking forward to receiving it ;3 (and I'm really hoping this fic meets your expectations :'D)

Hope everyone enjoyed this!

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated♥
Tags: fanfic, natsume yuujinchou
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