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[fic] From Up Here (Bukiyou na Silent)

Title: From Up Here
Universe: Bukiyou na Silent
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Tamiya x Satoru
Fic Type: Drabble
Rating: PG
Word Count: 410
Alt. Link: FF.Net
A/N: Something I put together last second for kokiden’s birthday ;)
Warning: Pre-Bukiyou, Satoru's 'first voice'.
Summary: Before then, Satoru had never been particularly fond of baseball.


From Up Here

There was a reason that Satoru spent quiet afternoons under the soft sun immersed in sketching.

Drawing was what he considered to be his favorite hobby and his only real skill. He enjoyed it. Immensely, in fact. Drawing required little to no interaction with others on his part – there was no danger of embarrassing himself or getting into risky situations (or at least somehow being pulled into one). It came to him almost naturally, simply fueled by the desire of wanting to depict what he saw, or sometimes things that only existed in his mind’s eye. Of what little things he was sure about, his decision to join the art club was a right one.

Satoru had never been particularly fond of baseball. He may have watched a game or two with his dad, who could really get into it sometimes, but it just wasn’t something he could see himself becoming passionate about.

And so, Satoru knew right away when he found himself watching a baseball game from the art club classroom’s window that it wasn’t the game he was into. What caught his eye and had him staring hard out at the dugout that day was the ace of the team, Keigo Tamiya.

Satoru had to wonder if the aura of ‘coolness’ he saw emanating from Tamiya was something of his imagination.

Satoru watched mesmerizingly, with sparkling eyes (though not of the literal sort), as Tamiya fixed an expression of complete concentration onto his face. He positioned himself on the mound and stared straight forward, focused, nodding when he received the catcher’s signals. His uniform pressed tight against his body as he threw the ball, a small smirk upon his lips. The way Satoru could barely keep his eyes off Tamiya the entire game made him squirm in his seat and his cheeks flush.

Being so high up Satoru couldn’t see every little detail, but he could imagine…and imagine he did. He imagined drops of sweat flying off Tamiya’s forehead as he pitched, then a hand shooting up to wipe the stray drops from trickling down his face, dust rising up from his feet as they scraped against the surface of the dirt mound.

And soon, Satoru’s hand was racing across the page, sketching as quickly as he could, sketching before he forgot, sketching a sight he didn’t want to forget.

That would be Satoru’s very first sketch of Keigo Tamiya, the very first of many, many to come.




A/N: Happy belated birthday, Koki-chan! Sorry for being so late ;~; I actually managed to finish this on your actual birthday, but fate didn't seem to feel like tipping in my favor (computer-wise) for these past couple days XD;;

Recently, my mind has been filled with thoughts of sensei's works! I got my hands on The Guilty: Verdict Vol. 1 (of four novels, only the second is out for now and it's already on its way to my hands, bwahahaha), A Capable Man (AKA Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda), and volumes 2-4 of Challengers (volume 1 is hard to find ;~;) all in one week. I rec Guilty for those who don't mind noncon and are into pretty twisted relationships like my perverted self :D A Capable Man was very good, of course, but I read most of it through scanlations already. The only thing I hadn't read in it was a little oneshot called 'Kleptomaniac' along with some extras at the back, and as you can imagine, they was pretty funny and cute<3 Challengers really made me want to read Tyrant over again (for like the millionth time) XD;;

Ack, I'll stop rambling now! When it comes to Takanaga-sensei's works, it's a little hard for me not to XD;; (I recently decided she is my number one favoritest mangaka, after all :3). Well, this is my second Bukiyou na Silent fic~ And I'd like to think I will write more, so please look forward to it! ^___^

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated♥
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