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Things were getting a little hectic, so I decided to put together this handy little post♥

Junjou Romantica

A Fluttering Heart's Subtlety (or Lack Thereof) (Egoist, PG, One Shot)
The Icing on the Cake (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot)
Close the Door (Romantica, PG, Drabble)
Touch My Hand (Egoist, PG, Drabble)
23 Days (Egoist, PG, Drabble) ['lost souls' - from my 2x5obsessions prompt table]
Just a Look (Egoist, PG-10, Drabble)
The Difference Between Three and Two (Egoist, PG, Ficlet)
Leave No Page Unturned (HS!Minimum, PG-13, One Shot)
Out in the Open (Egoist, PG, One Shot)
To Come in from the Cold (Egoist, PG, Ficlet)
In Too Deep (HS!Minimum, PG, Ficlet)
Birthday Surprise (Egoist, NC-17, One Shot)
Fitting the Bill (Egoist & Shinoda, PG, One Shot)
The Fingertips' Flow (Egoist, PG, Ficlet) ['beautiful morning' - from my 2x5obsessions prompt table]
Dynamite Crossing (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot)
We Are Here (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot) ['a cruel illusion' - from my 2x5obsessions prompt table]
Want (Egoist, NC-17, One Shot) ['cup of coffee' - from my 2x5obsessions prompt table]
Some Like it Cold (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot)
New Sensations (Egoist, NC-17, One Shot)
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures (Egoist, PG-10, One Shot)
To Smile In Your Sleep (Terrorist, PG, Ficlet)
Of Vague Notes and Shiny Surprises (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot) [Prequel to Proposal]
Caught Red-Handed (Terrorist, PG-13, Ficlet)
Proposal (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot) [Sequel to Of Vague Notes...]
Our Bliss (Egoist, PG-13, One Shot)
Experiment (Egoist, PG-10, Drabble)
The Breaking Point (Egoist, PG, Drabble)
Tipsy (Egoist, R, One Shot)
Old Men Never Lie (Gen, PG, One Shot)
Shatter (Hiroki-->Akihiko, PG, Drabble)
Bitter Dream (Terrorist, PG-15, One Shot)
His Hiro-san (Egoist, PG-15, One Shot)
Empty Hands (Egoist, PG, One Shot)
And to His Horror… (Hiroki-->Akihiko, R, Ficlet)

Such Great Heights **drabble collection**
---The Sun and the Rain (Romantica, PG-10, Drabble) [prompt - 'summer rain']
---Same Difference (Egoist, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'anniversary']
---Antidote (Egoist, PG-13+?, Drabble) [prompt - 'poison']
---Over the Top (Minimum, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'a forgotten memory']
---Cold Comfort (Romantica, PG-10, Drabble) [prompt - 'warmth']
---You make me Breathe (Egoist, PG-13, Drabble) [prompt - 'breath']
---All in a Name (Egoist, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'nuances']
---First and Last (Egoist, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'first kiss']
---In Your Head (Egoist, R, Drabble) [prompt - 'blindfold']
---No Escape (Egoist, R, Drabble) [prompt - 'blindfold']
---The Meadow (Egoist, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'weather']
---Thoughts Carried by the Wind (Minimum, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'wedding']
---Running Off (Mistake, PG, Drabble) [prompt - 'wedding']

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Missing (Masamune x Ritsu, PG, Ficlet)
Taken (Yukina x Kisa, T, Ficlet)
Let the Rain Come Down (Yokozawa->Takano, PG, One Shot)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (HS!Hatori/Chiaki/Yuu, PG, Drabble)
Sticking Your Neck Out (Pre-series!Hatori/Chiaki/Yuu, PG, Drabble)
Fall into Place (Takano/Yokozawa, R, One Shot)


Safety Blanket (Slight Natsuki/Yuki, PG, One Shot) new!
Fish Out of Water (Yuki/Natsuki, PG, One Shot) new!
Alien (Yuki/Haru, R, One Shot) new!


Fairy Tale (Yogi-->Gareki, PG, Drabble)
Stuck (Implied Gareki/Nai, PG, Drabble)
Calling On You (Gareki/Nai, NC-17, One Shot)
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (Implied Gareki/Nai+hinted Yogi/Gareki, PG, Ficlet)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Believe (squintable!0027?, PG, Drabble)
Cutscene (Hinted!Bel/Fran, PG, Ficlet)
Exception to the Rule (TYL!Hibari/Tsuna, PG, One Shot)

Bukiyou na Silent

Mirror, Mirror (TamiyaxSatoru, PG-13, One Shot)
From Up Here (TamiyaxSatoru, PG, Drabble)
Satoru Gets His Feet Wet (TamiyaxSatoru, PG-13, One Shot)


The Shining Prince and His Ugly Princes - Aitsu no Daihonmei (Satou x Yoshida, PG, Ficlet)
Drunk and Disorderly - House of Five Leaves (Yaichi/Masa, R, One Shot)
Falling - Axis Powers Hetalia (Spamano, PG, One Shot)
Breeze Away - Axis Powers Hetalia (SuFin, PG, Ficlet)
The Worth of a Name - Sengoku Basara (Kojuurou & Masamune, PG, Drabble)
Repeated Offender - Sengoku Basara (Oda/Ranmaru, NC-17, Drabble)
Warmth - Natsume Yuujinchou (Tanuma/Natsume, PG, Ficlet)
So Much For 'Girlfriend' - Ordinary Crush/Freefall Romance (Heiji x Kouichi & Tsutsumi x Youichi, PG-10, One Shot)
Every Valentine's Day - Gravitation (EirixShuichi, PG-13, One Shot)
Smoke without Fire - Ookiku Furikabutte (Abe-->Mihashi, PG-13, Ficlet)
Take a Pitcher – It Lasts Longer - Ookiku Furikabutte (Abe/Mihashi, PG, Drabble)
Closer - Gurren Lagann (Simon/Nia, PG, Drabble)

Kuroshitsuji **warning:shota** -
Sebastian/Ciel|Sebastian/Ciel|Sebastian/Ciel|Sebastian/Ciel|Sebastian/Ciel|Sebastian/Ciel(heavy noncon)|Sebastian/Ciel
Katekyo Hitman Reborn -
Mukuro/Hibari (noncon-ish)|Yamamoto/Gokudera|Gokudera/Tsuna|Bel/Fran|Spanner/Shouichi(implied Byakuran/Shouichi)|Hibari/Mukuro|Yamamoto/Squalo|TYL!Yamamoto/ Tsuna [theme #8 - trust]
Axis Powers Hetalia - Sweden/Finland|Greece/Japan|Austria--->Germany|Greece/Japan|Sweden/Finland
Code Geass - Suzaku/Lelouch (spoiler-ish) [theme #1 - pain]
X/1999 - Seishirou/Subaru|Fuuma/Kamui|Seishirou/Subaru [theme #9 - lie]
XXXHOLiC - Doumeki/Watanuki [theme #3 - hate]
~*bolded - theme winner

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the series I’ve written fanfiction for. Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi belongs to Shungiku Nakamura, Bukiyou na Silent belongs to Hinako Takanaga, Gurren Lagann belongs to Gainax, Ookiku Furikabutte belongs to Asa Higuchi, Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belongs to Akira Amano, Ordinary Crush/Freefall Romance belongs to Hyouta Fujiyama, Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso, Axis Powers Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya, Code Geass belongs to Sunrise, Natsume Yuujinchou belongs to Yuki Midorikawa, X/1999 (aka X) and XXXHOLiC belongs to CLAMP, Karneval belongs to Mikanagi Touya, Sengoku Basara belongs to Capcom, Aitsu no Daihonmei belongs to Suzuki Tanaka, and Tsuritama belongs to tsuritama partners.

Comments are always appreciated♥
Any questions? Feel free to ask and I'll try to get back to you ASAP ^_^

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NEED A BETA for your fanfiction? PM me or comment here, but only if you've read through the following conditions:

-I'm willing to beta for series that I know well (if you're not sure I know a specific series feel free to ask), but don't expect me to rewrite your whole fic. I'm not going to expect you to have perfect characterization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc, or anything (I mean, that's what I'm here to help you with after all), but I'll probably refuse your fic if it's clear you haven't tried to help yourself before coming to me. (Using spell check, etc, beforehand is always a nice plus).

-I'll do my best to help you out with characterization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc, but I'm not a professional so forgive me if I make mistakes. Know that sometimes (though not often) I choose not to decide on things only by my judgment - if need be, I look for help online or may request help from a trusted source (I do this with my own fics too).

-I promise not to share your fic or email/information we may exchange with anyone as long as you promise to do the same for me ^_^

-I don't have all the time in the world, so I might get back to you a little later/earlier than you expect. It'd be great if you could give me a deadline and I'll try my best to get it to you before then, as long as you give me enough time in the first place. A couple days or more, please. There may be exceptions, but don't depend on it XD;;

-I try to be as honest as I can without being harsh, but I apologize if my comments do seem harsh. And don't feel bad if you think I'm too nitpicky XD

-Whether you use my suggestions/edits/etc is up to you, but I'll be pretty annoyed if don't use anything especially if you're the one who requested help in the first place.

-I've beta'd for kokiden, vampkiss, and saurab, so if you'd like to hear their opinion on my efficiency as a beta, you can ask them (they said they don't mind you asking, but I'm asking you to please not pester these awesome people too much XD;;)

-Finally, I'm not exactly going to cuss you out if you don't, but please do credit me. Credit is much, much appreciated<3

-Any questions about these conditions, the edits I've made to your fic, etc? Feel free to ask (like I said, you can PM me or comment here) and I'll try to get back to you ASAP ^_^


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