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[fic] Caught Red-Handed (Junjou Romantica)

Title: Caught Red-Handed
Universe: Junjou Romantica
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Terrorist, Hiroki
Fic Type: Ficlet
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 412
Alt. Link: FF.Net
A/N: Originally written for the prompt ‘Secret Encounter’ but I kind of just kept going, haha.
Warning: Borderline smut?
Summary: Miyagi and Shinobu are ‘swept away’...and Hiroki has the misfortune of becoming a witness.


Caught Red-Handed

There are times when Miyagi can't forget their brush of contact in the morning, the feeling of their bodies pressed against each other, the soft, tantalizing flush of the younger boy's lips as he lightly nibbles on them; the small huff as he pulls away.

The professor finds his mind wandering as he teaches, feeling extremely irresponsible and annoyed at himself, but he gives in anyway. He sneaks into the bathroom as the end of his workday and the end of a specific someone’s school day nears, pulling out his cell phone and loosening his tie.

As they stumble into a stall and slam the door without latching it, tongues roughly sliding along hypersensitive skin with hardly a breath between them, arms wrapped roughly around each other in a vice-like grip, Miyagi realizes he isn’t alone. Shinobu’s kisses and moans and strokes are just as intense and urgent as his.

Everything happens so hastily that the lovers are swept into their own world of sloppy, needy actions. They don’t hear the crack of the door. A certain unsuspecting professor cautiously steps in.

“Professor...?” Hiroki says, but he only hears the strange noises coming from one of the stalls in response. He inches closer and taps on the door, which opens dramatically slow to reveal their disheveled, half-naked bodies.

“Professor Miyagi!”

Miyagi and Shinobu only notice their audience then. The older man freezes, slowly looking over his shoulder as if his neck were a broken sprinkler.

“K-Kamijou...” He laughs nervously, glancing at Shinobu, who is working on a glare but failing with lack of focus. Red spreads across the boy’s cheeks like wildfire at the look of mortification and hint of disgust on Hiroki’s face.

The assistant professor quickly turns away, eyes on the ground. “S-Sorry for interrupting!”

“Kamijou-!” But their visitor has already darted out the door, walking full-speed in the opposite direction with his face flushed.

After a moment, Miyagi bursts out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” Shinobu asks with a glower.

“Did you see the look on his face?” He shakes his head, chuckling all the while. “I give up! How many times has he caught us now?”

Miyagi presses his face into Shinobu’s shoulder, guffawing as hard as ever. The younger boy rolls his eyes and sighs.

He gives his hips a shake and the older man abruptly grunts.

“We have unfinished business,” Shinobu says, his voice sounding slightly husky.

Miyagi coughs out a final laugh. “That we do.”




A/N: Lookie, a Terrorist fic! X3 I have another one ready too~ I'm just waiting for the right time to post it ;D

Ohh, Twilight soundtrack, you're driving me crazy<3

Comments and concrit are super duper appreciated♥
Tags: fanfic, junjou romantica
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